Common Questions

What should I do if I need medical care and the office is closed?
How do I get a prescription refill?
Is anyone in the clinic taking new patients?
How do I get my results for tests I have had done?
I have been referred to a specialist and have not heard from the office. What is my next step?
Why would I be billed for a missed appointment?
Why do I have to see a Resident or Medical Student when I come to the clinic?
What is a Nurse Practitioner?
Can I book on-line appointments?
What are some of the reasons why I do not get to see my doctor at my scheduled appointment time?
What services can the LPN provide for patients?
Can I book with any physician in the clinic?
I have been asked to come in for Complex Disease Management/Complex Care Plan appointment. What is this ?
Why do I have to see the doctor twice if I need an IUD or to have something removed (e.g. a mole)?

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