Health Links/Forms

There is a lot of health information available on the internet. Some sources are much more reliable than others. Here is a list of links which have been shown to provide accurate and relevant information. There are general health search tools, disease specific websites as well as lifestyle information. Any information you find on the internet is intended to aid in your care. It does not replace an appointment with your doctor. Feel free to discuss any information you find with your doctor.
There are many community support services available in our area. Please click on "Community Support" above for a list of some which are available. Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is also available in person. They are located on the main floor of Queen Street Place (the same building as Westgrove Clinic).
It is important to monitor your mental health and this can often be easier if we use rating scales to assess how you are doing. This is useful in both intial diagnois and monitoring your progress. Your physician may ask you to print off a form and bring it completed to your next appointment or might ask you to complete an online form. Please click here to access these forms.
On occasion, you may be asked to complete and return a form to Westgrove Clinic. Below are some of those forms that we regularly use in the office.


Disclaimer: The physicians and staff at Westgrove Clinic are not responsible for any of the information found on the Websites listed. We do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, relevancy or completeness of the information found on the links provided. These websites are of a general nature and the information found on them may or may not be applicable to any one person’s medical problems. The physicians and staff at Westgrove Clinic assume no liability arising from mistakes or incompleteness of information found on the websites we have provided links to. We cannot guarantee the continued integrity or functionality of the sites listed.

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