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Latest News & Announcements


April 2, 2020 - Phone Appointments

Phone call appointments are available to you, this is to maintain social distancing and to assist those in isolation. 


Although your phone appointment is booked for a specific time, your doctor may call you within a few hours of that time.  Generally, if you book your appointment in the morning, you can expect to get a call from the doctor between 9 and noon, and if booked in the afternoon, you can expect a call between 1 and 4.  Additionally, your doctor may be calling you from a blocked number, please make every effort to answer blocked numbers if you have a phone appointment booked. 

Online booking is currently available for phone call appointments only.  For more information on our online booking platform, click here to go to our online booking page. 


April 1, 2020

As always, our clinic is here to help you but first, call us.  We are open and here for you.

When you call, our staff will ask you a series of questions to help decide what would be best for your situation:

  • an in-person appointment
  • a telephone appointment
  • or a video call appointment (not available for all doctors)


Our phone lines may be busy as we work to help as many patients as possible.


For all of our health and safety:

  • we have improved our hygiene and safety procedures (you may be asked to wear a mask)
  • we have improved our scheduling to include staggering and enhanced social distancing
  • we now offer the option for phone appointments or online video appointments when in-person is not the best option.  Call us for further instructions.


Westgrove Clinic physicians are not linked to the Babylon healthcare tool. You will not be able to reach us on this app.


If you have any of the following flu-like symptoms, call 811 or visit

  • fever
  • shortness of break
  • cough
  • sore throat


March 30, 2020 - Phone Hours

Our phone hours have changed, our phones are active Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12:00pm and 1:30pm to 4:30pm.  
Some days, our clinic may be closing earlier than usual, our phones will still be monitored during the 


March 19, 2020

Due to the current pandemic, we are preparing patients and doctors for the possibility that your doctor may not be able to see you in person when you need care.   We’re working to enable alternate secure methods of communication, such as HealthMail (email) and Video Conferencing via Medeo Health.  If you haven't used Medeo with your doctor before, our staff may be contacting you to get you signed up to use these tools now, so there's no delay when you need care or advice.

Please click here to authorize us to contact you electronically, we cannot provide any electronic communication without your completed authorization. 

Please be aware that our doctors and staff members may be calling you from other locations (outside of the office), and when this occurs their phone number will be private.  Please help us out by answering these calls when possible.


March 14, 2020

Do you know what to do if you think you have COVID-19 or think you have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19?

If you have symptoms such as fever, cough and difficulty breathing and have traveled outside Canada, or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, stay home and call Health Link 811.  Do not go to a physician's office, a health care facility or a lab without counsulting Health Link 811 first.

Alberta's COVID-19 Self Assessment tool is available for use online! If you're unsure if you need to be tested, click the link below to use the tool.
My Health Alberta COVID Self Assessment Tool


For more information and the latest news on COVID-19, please go to:


March 13, 2020

Attention patients of Westgrove Clinic, it has always been our policy to have anyone with an active cough wear a mask while in the clinic.  This policy is for your health and safety, as well as for those around you.  It is especially important during a pandemic to ensure everyone is acting in the best interest of public health.

If you are asked to wear a mask, you must keep it on until you are instructed by the doctor to remove it.  

If you refuse to wear a mask, or refuse to wear it properly (covering your nose and mouth) for the duration of your visit, you will be asked to leave and may be discharged from your family physician's service.

During the pandemic, our staff wil be asking everyone routine screening questions at time of booking, upon arrival to the clinic, and when escorting you to the exam room.  Please be patient with our staff, we know you are being asked the questions multiple times.

If you refuse to answer the screening questions, or are not truthful about your travel or symptom status, you may be discharged from your family physician's service.

Westgrove clinic supports mutual respect and dignity for those we serve and for those who serve.  
Inappropriate conduct or abusive behaviour towards staff, physicians, caregivers, our patients and their families is not tolerated.
Please help us maintain a positive and safe work environment.




Feb 4, 2020 - Online Booking

We've expanded our online booking services.

For more information on our online booking platform, click here to go to our online booking page. 


Jan 14, 2020 - Update to Operating Hours

Effective immediately, after much consideration Westgrove Clinic will no longer be open on Saturdays.
Due to lack of demand for appointments on weekends, we will be closed on weekends.
Westgrove clinic is open Monday from 8:30 am - 8:00 pm. Tuesday 8:30 am -6:00 pm, Wednesday to Friday we are open 8:30 AM-5:00 PM








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