No Show Appointments

We require 24 hours notice in order to cancel an appointment.  This is so that someone else can be booked in this place. 
Patients not showing up for appointments significantly increases wait times to see physicians and our alternate care providers. 
For  affiliated patients we will call or send notice letters to patients to advise them that more missed appointments could result in that patient being removed as a patient from the clinic.  For a non affiliated pateints a regular appointment will be a cost of $50.00 and a complete physical appointment or procedure appointment will be at a cost of $100.00. Payment is required prior to another appointment being given.  
If any patient misses three appointments without giving enough cancellation notice, they will be given notice that they will no longer be seen at Westgrove Clinic at the discretion of their physician.
Please help us in our attempt to improve access for all patients, please use the cancellation line day or night to cancel an upcoming appointment instead of no showing.  You can access this line by calling 780-962-9888 press 2 and leave a full message with your name, date and time of appointment and which doctor your appointment is scheduled with. You can call the cancellation line 24 hours per day. 
Please help us reduce wait times for all patients.

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