Allied Health Professionals

Registered Nurse (RN):

Services provided by the Registered Nurse is group prenatal education, lactation consulting and chronic disease management.

Our Registered Nurse is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). An IBCLC is a health care professional with advanced education who specializes in the clinical education and management of breastfeeding.

To book an appointment with a Registered Nurse, please call the switchboard at 780-962-9888

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Lisa Sydora-Wood RN, B.Comm, BScN

Licensed Practical Nurses:

Our Licensed Practical Nurses see patients daily.

The services that they provide to physicians and patients include:

Injections, Wart treatments, Dressing Changes, Cast Removal, Mini Mental Exams, Prenatal Preparation, Ear Flushing, Chronic Disease Management.

To book an appointment with a Licensed Practical Nurse, call the switchboard at 780-962-9888.

Amanda Henkel, LPN
Olesia Krawchuk-Richard, LPN

Registered Social Worker

Our Registered Social Worker is in clinic on Tuesday through Friday.  The services that she provides include:

Assistance with Disability (AISH, CPP-D, etc), Housing, Domestic Violence, Seniors Issues (financial, home care, etc.), Appeals, Suicide Intervention, Children's Services, Immigration Issues.  

Information on Transportation, Food Bank, Mental Health, Legal Issues, Health Benefits, Income Support (Alberta Works), Community Support (programming, courses etc.), Employment Support (loss of employment). 

To book an appointment to see our Registered Social Worker, call the switchboard at 780-962-9888.

Dustin Moreau

Behavioural Health Consultant

Our Behavioural Health Consultant is in clinic Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.   

The behavioral health consultant (BHC) delivers mental and behavioral health services, providing comprehensive functional assessment services and care to patients within the WestView Primary Care Network (PCN). The BHC will assess, plan, and implement behavioral based treatment plans to patients of all ages.

Alexandra Sieben B.Sc, MH, BHC

Registered Dietician

Our Registerd Dietician is in clinic two Wednesdays per month.  

Registered dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They help people achieve healthier eating patterns and lifestyles to prevent and treat of chronic diseases. They translate scientific, medical and nutrition information into practical therapeutic diets and meal guidance.

Cathy Girard B.Sc., RD

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