Your health information is collected and protected under Alberta’s Health Information Act

We respect your confidentiality and privacy. Your information is collected, used, disclosed and protected according to the provisions of provincial and federal legislation.Your health information is collected by your physician and their team in accordance with section 20 of the Health Information Act (HIA). The purpose of this collection is primarily for:
  • Providing health services
  • Determining eligibility for health services
  • Processing payments for health services
  • Conducting research
  • Providing health services provider education
  • Internal management purposes to improve patient care
Information will be collected directly from you, except in the limited circumstances where we are authorized by the HIA to indirectly collect such information.

Requesting Information Related to a Child

Did you know that a natural parent is not always entitled to information about their child?  In cases of parental separation, or mature minors, it can be difficult to know when a parent is allowed to receive information about the child.  

See our Custody Fact Sheet for more information.

If you are requesting information about a child, you will need to provide a formal signed request for the information needed, photo ID, and (if applicable) legal documentation proving custody status (sole or joint), a parenting order, a guardianship document, a court order, or signed consent from the primary parent/guardian.  

If your child is a mature minor, and has specifically asked us not to share their personal health information we will not release information at a parent's/guardian's request, except under specific circumstances.  

Requesting Information Related to a Deceased Individual

Deceased individuals are still protected by the Health Information Act, family members are not entitled to deceased individual's medical history and records.  Disclosure of information is only mandatory under certain circumstances.  

If you are requesting information about a deceased individual you will need to provide a signed request for information, photo ID and (if applicable) a copy of the document listing you as an executor.  

If your request is approved, information released will be limited to the minimum information required to carry out your request.  

If an individual had expressed their wishes to restrict sharing of their health records before they passed away, that request will be taken into consideration when determining when and how much information to share.  

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