Services Available

Westgrove Clinic is proud to provide many medical services to our patients in addition to basic family medical care.  Most but not all of these services are covered by Alberta Health Care.  You will be notified if there is a fee attached.  (Please see the Uninsured Services List for more information).

Please note that not every physician does every procedure.  All of the services listed below need to be booked on the phone, not online.

Physician Services (please note that not every physician performs every procedure)

Primary Care Clinical Associate Services

Westgrove Clinic also has Primary Care Clinical Associates who provide valuable services out of our clinic:

  • Diabetes Education: Rami Chowaniec
  • Pharmacist: Gideon Gunawan
  • Pharmacist: Alex Spivak
  • Pharmacist: Brittyn Ozipko
  • Registered Dietician: Cheryl Nickurak
  • Behavioural Health Consultant: Marina Gauvreau
  • Registered Nurse: Lisa Sydora-Wood
  • NP: Shelley Pochynok, Leanne Taylor Marsden
  • LPN: Olesia Richard, Amanda Henkel




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