Prenatal Care

Your pregnancy and delivery are important to us. Delivering with us gives you the unique opportunity to ask any questions you have and to have a set schedule of ongoing appointments and classes to monitor your health and pregnancy.

At Westgrove Maternity, we understand that getting all the information and care you need can be complex. We make it easy. Instead of having to go to many different places to have your questions answered and get the health of you and your family looked after, we take care of it all.

We provide prenatal classes and lactation counselling. We have an in-clinic registered nurse who provides prenatal classes and lactation counselling for all of our delivering moms who choose to participate in this service. 

Ask any questions you have during your set schedule of ongoing appointments and prenatal classes. 

Read more about what to expect when you deliver with us

Postpartum Care

Without missing a beat, you and your baby are immediately taken care of by our team of doctors and nurse after you give birth. We have all of your health information, ultrasounds and charts, which ensures nothing is missed. You and your baby will return to our clinic where you will be seen together during your 6-week postnatal care plan as we help you through the incredible transition that delivery brings; going into the delivery room as one and coming out as two.

Sometimes complications arise in pregnancies. If your pregnancy becomes more complicated, we work closely with our partner obstetricians, neonatologists and specialists. We participate in all aspects of any necessary referrals and transfers to ensure your health and the health of your new baby are looked after. Upon delivery, we will continue to look after your postpartum care.

We understand that after giving birth you are tired and may have more questions than answers. Our team of maternity specialists are on call and able to help you with all your postnatal concerns and health issues. 

Lactation Counselling

One of the most common struggles of being a new mom is nursing and knowing if your baby is receiving enough nourishment.

Delivering with our team gives you direct access to the specialized lactation help you may require after giving birth. We are readily available to assist and advise you on your feeding challenges.

Instead of waiting for a referral or suffering at home alone, you simply have to pick up the phone and call us to get the help you need.

Ongoing Care

Westgrove Maternity is part of the Westgrove Clinic which means if you do not have a family physician, you may be able to continue to call Westgrove your medical home after you deliver, if any physicians are currently accepting new patients.

If you already have a family doctor, you will be returned to them for ongoing care after your 6-week post-delivery check-up.






Circumcision is an elective procedure offered by Dr. Bailey and Dr. Zuidhof at Westgrove Clinic within the first two weeks after birth for babies under 10 lbs.  (Exceptions to the age and weight of the child may occur in the event that he was born prematurely, and the final decision to preform the procedure rests with the physician.)  Click here to view the circumcision parent information pamphlet. 

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