Same Day Bookings

Many patients in the past have mentioned that they are frustrated when they have an urgent medical problem and can not get in to see their doctor for a number of days. 


In an attempt to address this problem we have created 'Same Day Bookings'.  These appointments are time slots held for a physician until the morning of that day, to be booked.  They are for problems that have arisen that you can not wait the normal time to see a physician. Sore throats, ear infections, urinary tract infections, flu, sick children, etc. 


To book this kind of appointment, phone our office first thing in the morning and reception will let you know if any of these time slots are still available. We are attempting to increase the amount of these appointments as required.


You may also book with our team members.  We  have a Nurse Practitioner,  Registered Nurse, LPN's, and Pharmacists available to provide more access for you. 

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