Clinic Policies

Westgrove Clinic is guided by the Health Information Act, the Health Professions Act, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  Our policies are created by management and physicians and are centered on providing our patients with accessible, safe, responsible health care. 


Prescription refill policy

Please plan ahead and book an appointment for your prescription refill before you are out of medication. If this is not possible, please still book an appointment as soon as possible. Then, please go your regular pharmacy and inform them of when your appointment is. Most pharmacists will provide enough medication to last until your appointment.


No Show Policy

We require 24 hours notice in order to cancel an appointment. This is so that someone else can be booked in this place. Patients not showing up for appointments significantly increases wait times to see physicians and our alternate care providers. We send out warning letters to patients. For non affiliated patients a regular appointment will be a cost of $50.00 and an extended appointment (complete physical or procedure appointment) will be at a cost of $100.00 .

If any patient misses three appointments without giving enough cancellation notice, they will be given notice that they will longer be seen at Westgrove Clinic. This is at the discretion of the physician.


Procedure Policy

To have a procedure done such as: mole removal, IUD insertion or endometrial biopsy, you must first have an appointment to discuss this procedure with the physician performing the procedure prior to booking the actual procedure. This is due to the fact that we need to ensure that we are going to perform the most appropriate procedure on you and that you are aware of the potential risks and side effects.


Same Day Bookings Policy

Many patients in the past have mentioned that they are frustrated when they have an urgent medical problem and can not get in to see their doctor for a number of days. In attempt to address this problem we have created 'Same Day Bookings'. These appointments are time slots held for a physician until that morning to be booked. They are for problems that have arisen that you can not wait the normal time to see a physician. To book this kind of appointment, phone our office first thing in the morning and reception will let you know if any of these time slots are still available. We are attempting to increase the amount of these appointments as required.


Mutual Respect Policy

The management of Westgrove Clinic is committed to providing a work environment in which all workers and those we serve are treated with respect and dignity.   Violence, harassment, inappropriate conduct or abusive behaviour towards staff, physicians, caregivers, our patients and their families is not tolerated.  Anyone who experiences violence or harassment in relation to your dealings with Westgrove Clinic should notify management as soon as is practicable.  Anyone engaging in such behaviour may receive a written warning and/or be discharged from Westgrove Clinic. 



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