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 Please read through the information below before clicking the "Book Now" button.

There are two types of appointments available for online booking:

Phone Call Appointments: 

  • Appointment times are general, your phone appointment is booked for a specific time however your doctor may call you within a few hours of that time. 
    Generally, if you book your appointment in the morning, you can expect to get a call from the doctor between 9 and noon, and if booked in the afternoon, you can expect a call between 1 and 4. 
  • Please turn your ringer on and remember, your doctor may be calling you from a blocked number, please make every effort to answer blocked numbers if you have a phone appointment booked. 

In-Person Appointments: 

  • Everyone entering the clinic must wear a mask, if you have your own mask, please bring it with you.  
  • If you come down with any COVID symptoms before your scheduled appointment (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, runny nose) you will be required to cancel your appointment and rebook when you're feeling better, or change your appointment to a phone call appointment type.  Additionally, you should call 811 and arrange for COVID testing. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments are booked through a separate system and must be booked here: Westgrove Clinic COVID-19 Vaccine Booking

Online Booking Guidelines:

  • Each appointment booked online will be reviewed by staff and accepted (booked) or declined (cancelled).  Watch for an email to come to your email inbox to let you know if your appointment has been accepted.
  • You must already be a current patient of Westgrove Clinic.
  • Your appointment should be booked with your own family doctor - if they are unavailable during the date you are wanting to book we recommend calling the office directly, as there may be a covering physician or team member available to see you.   
  • Online booking is only for regular (short) appointments.  If you need extra time, or are booking any of the following appointment types, please call the office booking staff at (780) 962-9888 ext. 1 to book. The following appointment types will not be accepted if booked online:
    • annual physical,
    • drivers license medical,
    • minor surgical procedures (such as mole removal, biopsy, vasectomy, circumcision)
    • maternity,
    • IUD insertion
    • or if you are booking on behalf of a family member


 It is important to note that online booking is hosted by a third party website (Medeo Health).  In order for your electronic medical record to be compatible with online booking, you must have a unique email address (not shared with a family member).   If you currently use a shared email address, we urge you to create an alias email address.  Alias email addresses are a unique address, any time an email is sent to that email address it will be delivered to your regular email inbox, so there's no need to keep track of multiple inboxes. 

Please refer to the pdf guide posted below (under Online Booking at the bottom of the page) to find out how you can create alias email addresses to ensure every family member has a unique email address to use with Medeo.    


Click below to book your appointment, or copy and paste the following link into a browser:


Medeo Health Guides and Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble with online booking, please go to Medeo Online Booking Information/Troubleshooting for help, or call the Medeo help line for patients at 1-800-438-1277.

If you need help with Virtual (video) appointments, please go to Medeo Patient - How do I connect to a virtual Appointment? 

Online Appointment Booking FAQs, click here.

Medeo Patient Account FAQs, click here.

Video and Messaging FAQs, click here.


Online Booking and Electronic Messaging Via Medeo

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