Westgrove clinic would like their patients to know that we care about access to your family doctor.  We realize that some days are very difficult to obtain an appointment with your own family doctor. 

There are a few reasons that you cannot gain access to your family doctor at times.  At Westgrove clinic there are many doctors who are part of Westgrove Maternity group.  They share a rotational call and may have to leave the office to deliver a baby.

There are also doctors who provide hospital coverage to in-patients at Westview Health Centre in Stony Plain.  This means that they may be away from the office for some or all of their week on coverage.

Some of our physicians sit on different boards, providing input and helping to guide our future healthcare.

Westgrove clinic realizes that all these absences cause delay in access to a patient's family doctor. In an attempt to assist patients, we have developed teams.  This means that your family doctor will have 2 other physician team mates who you could schedule an appointment with.  We also have a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse who work along side physicians to increase patient access.

The teams are as follows:

Dr. Bailey                Dr. McNicol              Dr. Quinn                                 Team 1

Dr. Currie                Dr. D'Agostini           Dr. Piebiak-Patterson              Team 2

Dr. Genge               Dr. Janmohamed       Dr. Zuidhof                              Team 3

Dr. Laidlaw             Dr. Squires                Dr. Thompson                         Team 4

Each physician would like their patients to see their primary doctor but in the event you cannot please see the team mates   

Should you have any questions about how the teams function please call the main office number and speak to the booking staff.

We do hope that this helps our patients obtain the appointments they need.


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