Westgrove Clinic will perform IUD insertions through referrals.


Please have your family doctor complete and forward our referral form by fax. 


At your visit, we will discuss the available options.   You likely will be able to have your consultation and insertion at the same visit, especially if you have discussed the preference with your family doctor .  Please ensure your family doctor specifies your preference in the referral letter. 


IUDs that are available for insertion are  Mirena or Kyleena  and non-hormonal (copper) IUD's. 


For information on all types of birth control as well as STIs, please visit:


IUD information:

In Canada, there are two different kinds of IUDs (Intra Uterine Device) available: progesterone and copper.  IUDs are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy.  They are put into the uterus by the doctor in a simple office procedure.  They are popular because they prevent pregnancy without having to take a pill every day.  They last for years and you don’t have to anything with them for them to work!    They are excellent options for women who can’t take hormones due to side effects or high blood clot risks.  Many women choose them for the convenience of longer action birth control.  They can be removed at any time and your fertility returns to normal within a month.

Requirements for IUD insertion:

In order to insert an IUD at your visit we need to ensure that you are not pregnant.  You need to have a negative pregnancy test either in the clinic or within the previous three days.  You also need one of:

  1.       Currently on Period
  2.       Not Sexually Active   
  3.       If sexually active, protection used 100% since LMP -  unless unprotected intercourse is within 7 days          of insertion only and you want a copper IUD for Emergency Contraception

Progesterone IUDs

Mirena IUD: This IUD is effective for 5 years.  Most health insurance will cover this IUD and thus it may be your cheapest option.  They are extremely effective birth control with only 1/1000 women per year getting pregnant.  Since there is no Estrogen in Progesterone IUDs they are safe for use in women who are at risk for blood clots.  The Mirena IUD makes most women’s periods lighter and less crampy.  At one year 50% of women will have no period.  The amount of Progesterone is much lower than the birth control pill.  Thus, only about 5% of women will have side effects such as mood changes, acne or weight gain.  Most women have irregular bleeding or spotting for the first couple of months after insertion. It has 20 mcg of Progesterone.

Kyleena IUD: This IUD is effective for 5 years.  It is smaller and has less hormone than the Mirena IUD.  IF you are looking for contraction only and do not have heavy of painful periods, you may choose this IUD.  It has 17.5 mcg of Progesterone

Copper IUDs

Copper IUDs are less expensive than Progesterone IUDs and have no hormones.  They are an effective form of contraception.  Approximately 1 in 100 women will get pregnant in a year when using a copper IUD for birth control.  There are no hormones and thus no hormone side effects.  Copper IUDs do often make periods heavier, last longer and increase menstrual cramps.  Women with heavy or painful periods should consider a Progesterone IUD if they can afford it.  Copper IUDs can be used for emergency contraception while Progesterone IUDs can’t.






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